An Update from Victorian House (December 2020)


Please read below for information on the way we are reacting to COVID-19. This information will be updated when we have more Government guidelines before re-opening in May 2021. 


Food and drink


With so much confusion around what constitutes a “substantial meal” we have decided not to risk our licence by selling our Neaum deli menu. This means that we will not be able to serve alcohol and not be staffing our bar area at all at any point during the day.


Breakfast will be served as normal between the hours of 8am and 10am in our restaurant, we will be asking our guests to reserve times for breakfast so we can staff accordingly.


Check in and out


Our check in times remain unchanged however we are changing how we staff these hours as we are no longer running our bar as we were. Our live-in team will be on hand to assist you during check in but they will only be there for your arrival. They will provide you with keys, information and wish you a great stay. These team members live on site and are contactable if you require any assistance. 


If you have any queries do feel free to email or call us.


Housekeeping and cleanliness


Our housekeepers will still be working hard to ensure that each room is sanitised thoroughly between uses as well as sanitising communal areas during your stay. 


Daily housekeeping duties will be at request only, we will only enter your room during your stay with your expressed permission or in the case of an emergency. 



Breakfast is back in our restaurant but social distancing is still key for us. We will ask you to book in a time slot between 8am and 10am so we can stagger our guests arrival time to ensure social distancing is kept at all times. 

Otherwise the only change is the lack of a buffet but we have a range of hot and cold items to suit all tastes and preferences. Take a look at our sample menus on the Food & Drink section.


To keep the risk to our staff as low as possible we are minimising the housekeeping responsibilities during a guest’s stay. While the room is in use no staff members will enter, except when specifically requested. New linen and towels can be provided but will not be automatically changed without request. If you run out of tea or coffee we will happily provide these for you at any time.

After a room is vacated it will undergo a thorough cleaning of all touch points and hard surfaces with an antiviral cleaner, and where possible will be left for a minimum of 24 hours before a new guest arrives. All linen is being washed per the UK government guidelines for hotels.

Communal areas of the hotel will be sanitised 4 times daily by a member of our team. Each team member has been trained and briefed on our new hygiene and cleaning standards.

Evening food options

Whilst we search for a new food partner Victorian House are not currently providing evening meals. If you would like to get takeaway from the fantastic local selection you are able to eat this in our restaurant. We can provide a full drinks service, plates and cutlery for you to enjoy your meal.

Of course, we implore you to try the brilliant restaurants in the area including Lewis’ Bistro, Tweedies Bar and Lodge and The Yan.

Check in & check out

Where possible, we will be operating a contactless check in and payment procedure. Your key will be available to you on arrival and the card details we hold for your reservation can be charged without you presenting a card at check in.

Payment will be taken on arrival, so that at check out you can simply leave your key in our reception area, say goodbye to a team member and head for the door.

Social distancing and guest safety

We have placed hand sanitiser on each entrance and exit into the building. Please use it on arrival and each time you leave the premises. This will help keep our staff, other guests and community safe.

It is now a lawful requirement for you to wear face coverings at all times in the hotel unless you are sat at a table for breakfast or drinks.

With the new 1m + social distancing guidelines we feel we can operate without a one way system in place. At certain points through the hotel it may be necessary to give way to people in narrow corridors and stairways. Please keep in mind the safety and wellbeing of all the people you meet within Victorian House and keep as much distance as you’re able to.

We are unable to take reservations for groups of more than 6 people.

Request a room or more information

Please let us know if there’s anything else you wish to discuss or whether you require childrens beds, have any dietary requirements or need a dog friendly room.